Telemedicine Membership For Individuals or Families
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Telemedicine membership for you and your family

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What is a telemedicine membership?

24/7/365 access to a doctor that can Diagnose and prescribe non-dea enforced  medication that you can pick up at the pharmacy of your choice, usually in under an hour.  No more co-pays, consultation fees, long waits in a waiting room with sick people, or week long waits to see your primary care physician.    A telemedicine membership is instant, its easy, and its affordable!


Why a telemedicine membership?

Telemedicine allows those with Insurance to bridge the Gap of high Deductibles,

It allows those without insurance to gain 24/7/365 access to a doctor that can diagnose and treat common and acute illnesses,

and it gives you and your family the peace of mind that next time you are sick you will do something about it instead of just toughing it out and then getting your loved ones sick in the process.

Great Doctors, Great Results!

  • Every Doctor is state Licensed and 100% Board Certified, from many of the best hospitals in the country.
  • Each doctor is trained in communicating and diagnosing patients over the phone and via online video.
  • Our Doctors average 15 years experience in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, and emergency Medicine.

What Else Do I Get?

  • Unlimited Email-a-Doc –  Now you can email a doctor anytime you have a question.
    • What kind of over the counter cough syrup would you recommend for my kids?
    • Get a second opinion.
    • …and more!
  • Unlimited Master Level Counselor –  Talk to a counselor when you need one.
  • Health Advocacy –  Talk to a counselor that can help you:
    • Find the best health insurance for you and your family.
    • Fight an unfair bill from a doctor.
    • Find the best specialist in your area.
    • …and more!

The Doctor Will See You Now

MyTelemedicine Doctors are always on call 24/7/365.

No more waiting for days or even weeks to see your Doctor.


Common Symptoms Our Doctors Can Treat

Medical symptoms include sinus and ear infections, sore throats, skin problems. Our Master Level Counselors can treat mental health symptoms including some acute anxiety, depression and life changes.


Save Time and MONEY!

40% of ER visits are unnecessary and can cost you up to $750 per visit.  Up to 85% of pediatric visits can be conducted over the phone or video conferencing.


Don’t Pay For Overhead

An office or a waiting room full of sick people doesn’t help you feel better, so why pay for them?  Doctors fees are outrageous, now you only pay for the Doctors!


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Over 90% of customers rate their experience as Excellent or Good.  In a recent study, 94% of all patients had their medical issues resolved.


Great Doctors On Call

All Doctors are Board Certified, with an average of 15 years experience.  We have over 2,300 Doctors and Therapists to choose from.

Become a member today!

Also save up to 85% on your prescriptions with WebDocOnline Prescription Discounts!