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Telemedicine phone number

WebDocOnline Telemedicine


Are you looking for a telemedicine phone number otherwise known as a telehealth phone number?  Read this important information first!

Telemedicine is best used with a membership as it saves you money by providing unlimited access to a licensed, board certified physician with at least 15 years of experience in his or her field.  Access family medicine or a pediatrician 24/7/365 with no limits on how many times you can get diagnosed and treated.

Is it possible to access a doctor using telemedicine without a membership?  Yes it is but it will cost you almost as much for that one visit as it would to be a member of WebDocOnlines Telemedicine Membership plan.  Single use telemedicine averages between $40-$50 per consult!  WebDocOnline gives you unlimited access for only $14.95 per month and for an extra $5 you can add your family up to 5 members! 

Lets look at some statistics first.  The average family accesses (or at least needs access but doesn’t look for treatment) at least once every 3 months.  More if they have small children.  This means that a single use of telemedicine without a membership would have provided an entire family with unlimited access to a physician for almost 3 months.

It has been proven time and again that telemedicine saves families money while adding a greatly needed benefit to their healthcare needs.  Telemedicine can be used to cover about 70% of the reasons people see a doctor today!

First become a member at WebDocOnline, then call the telemedicine phone number.  Let WebDocOnline save you money while you get the access you need!

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