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Sell Telemedicine TODAY

Highest commissions in the industry.  Sign up today, sell telemedicine today!

Are you missing out on commissions from the fastest growing sector in the medical field because you don’t sell telemedicine?  Telemedicine has about doubled in revenue every year since its conception and is expected to bring in billions this year alone.  Isn’t it time you start selling telemedicine to your clients?  According to the American Telemedicine Association about 70% of the reasons people see their PCP can now be handled through telemedicine.

WebDocOnline offers you the ability to sell telemedicine to your current customers as well as future prospects right on our site.  Our software tracks that customer to you.  As long as that customer remains a paying customer you will make $5 per customer per month.  Its simple and profitable.  Once you sell telemedicine to your customer we take over.  There is no maintenance or follow ups required on your part.

When you start selling telemedicine with WebDocOnline you will receive a link that is where everything begins.  Use the link to sell telemedicine to the customers in your office.  Send the link to your customers via email, or put a link on your site.


How Does WebDocOnline Telemedicine Work?

When you start selling telemedicine to your clients, they will have unlimited access to a licensed, board certified physician that can diagnose and prescribe medication when needed.  WebDocOnline allows your customer UNLIMITED access to an online doctor for themselves or their family.  There is no limits on use, no co-pays, and no deductibles.   When you sell telemedicine your customers have ease of access from their home or place of work.  Additionally your customer will receive up to 85% off of prescriptions with our discount card if they would like to use it.

The Benefits To You:


    • Do you sell Medicare?  When you sell telemedicine to somebody, they are your customer.   You now have the ability to communicate with them in a manor that will allow you to make a compliant appointment.
    • Highest commissions in the industry
  • Passive income
  • They cant afford the low deductible?  Add telemedicine to a high deductible plan and your client can use it for the common and acute illnesses helping to reduce co-pays and deductible issues.
  • Build your book of business
  • Gives you something to offer to your current book of business


The Numbers Add Up:

Sell telemedicine memberships to 10 customers a week and receive $50 from it.  Do it all month and you just made $200 for the month.  Next month if you do that again, you make another $200 plus $200 in renewals.  The next month you are up to $600.  On month 12 you make $2,400 in that one check alone.  You will have made $15,600 throughout the year.  Can you see how important it is to sell telemedicine?   Because telemedicine is a passive income this can be a great way to retire early!



  • Sell telemedicine at any Monthly membership level and you make $5 per month off of it.
  • Sell telemedicine semi-annually and make $60 right away and get the renewal of $60 each 6 months.
  • Sell telemedicine annually and make $120 right away and get the renewal of $120 each year.

Call us at 1-855-MYWEBDOC ext. 5

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