Do I Have A Sinus Infection? Find Out, And How To Treat It
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Do I Have A Sinus Infection?

 Normally, a sinus infection presents itself with pressure in the sinuses, congestion, and with drainage.  Often people have pressure in their face, or drainage coming out of their nose or back of the throat.  A sinus Infection is related to the sinuses which are under the eyes and in the cheeks.  When the sinuses get inflamed, sinus infection symptoms occur.


 The diagnosis is based on the symptoms.  A doctor may ask questions like how long have the symptoms been there?  Is there pain?  Where is the pain?  and what does the discharge look like?  Based on those questions it is possible to determine if there is a sinus infection, or more importantly, is it a sinus infection caused by a virus (90% are) or is it a bacterial infection that requires treatment by an antibiotic

  In general, a patient with a bacterial Sinus infection will have a fever of usually over 108 degrees and it will have lasted more than 5 days.  The discharge from their nose, or back of the throat, will be discolored.  Usually a deep green to even brownish.  On the other hand, if there is no fever, discharge, or if it has only been a few days, it is usually viral in nature.


  A doctor may recommend breathing in steam.  Possibly getting in a real hot shower for 10 minutes twice a day.  By breathing in the steam, it helps with the sinus infection by relieving some of the sinus inflammation.  It may also be recommended to use a vaporizer at night so that while they are asleep they don’t dry out there sinuses.   Additionally some doctors may recommend a prescription strength antihistamine. Frequently a cortisone nasal spray will also be prescribed to help to remove the  inflammation.


  Although there are a variety of methods to get a diagnosis and treatment, there is no question that it is easier, safer, and probably better to use telemedicine to treat a sinus infection.  The reason is simple, there is no reason to do an in person physical examination for this kind of acute and common illness.   The need to go to a clinic or ER simply adds exposure to other sick people and that does not exist through telemedicine because you can do it from home or work.  Additionally, by going to an ER, clinic or PCP, there is a common issue of being over treated and over tested.  Not to mention, over charged.


  If you are reading this, it is probably because you are feeling the symptoms of a sinus infection right now and you are looking for the proper way to treat it before it spirals out of control.  You can talk to a doctor today with telemedicine.  Try WebDocOnline.  WebDocOnline gives you 24/7/365 access to a licensed, board certified physician that can diagnose you sinus infection and treat it properly.  You can typically be picking up a prescription in about an hour at the pharmacy of your choice.


Sinus Infection

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  1. Thank you for all this helpful information about sinus infections! I never knew that the infection was actually under your eyes and in the cheeks! I always just thought that it had to do with your nose, and that you would only really feel it there.

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