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Immediate Savings: The WebDocOnline Prescription Discounts Savings Card enables you to receive discounted pricing on prescription medications. It can offer immediate savings on prescription medications at participating pharmacies for people that are without health insurance, have prescriptions not covered by health insurance, and are in the Medicare Part D donut hole. This is not insurance, nor is it intended to replace insurance.

Show Your Card Every Time: Simply present your WebDocOnline card with each prescription from your doctor to the participating pharmacy at the time of purchase to receive your discounts. If you need to transfer a prescription, bring your empty prescription bottle or label with you to the pharmacy. In some instances, the pharmacist may store your card information in their computer. However, to be certain you receive the maximum benefit, you need to show your card each time you have your prescriptions filled.

Typical savings between 25% and 85%: off the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price of prescription medications, with the highest savings on generic medications. Your cost will be the discount price with the WebDocOnline card or the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. This means you are assured the lowest price in that store, at the time you purchase the prescription medicine. If the pharmacy’s price is lower, there is no savings or discount and the WebDocOnline card cannot lower the copay for medicine covered by insurance. You are responsible for the entire payment of the prescription medications purchased after any discounts are applied, plus any dispensing fee.

WebDocOnline RX Program Benefits:

discount card
  • No enrollment fees
  • Everyone qualifies
  • All cards are active
  • Unlimited uses
  • Never expires
  • Works for pet medications
  • No personal information needed
  • Works for all FDA approved medications needing a prescription
  • Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community

Not only does WebDocOnline want to share their discount prescription programs with everyone, but also wants to be the one place for you to receive all your updates about prescription safety, recalls and alerts, along with providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on all of your prescriptions; and provide answers to questions you may have about our programs.


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