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MDLIVE Reviews vs Teladoc Reviews

MDLIVE and Teladoc are by far the largest non hospital providers of telemedicine nationwide.  Lets compare MDLIVE Reviews vs Teladoc Reviews.  To go through each one is impossible so lets just talk in generality.

There have been thousands of MDLIVE reviews and Teladoc reviews and the majority of both have been outstanding.  What do MDLIVE and Teladoc offer?

MDLIVE reviews vs Teladoc reviews Telemedicine:

Telemedicine is simply access to a doctor 24/7/365.   MDLIVE Reviews vs Teladoc Reviews are on point here showing positive reviews from both.  With about 95% patient satisfaction across the board MDLIVE vs Teladoc both seem to have very happy customers.  The few that come in negative are from people that call in with conditions that require stitches for example.  It is known by members, of both providers, that about 75% of the reasons people see a doctor can be handled by telemedicine over the phone or by web conferencing.  Members of MDLIVE and Teladoc are aware that they cannot call and get stitches over the phone but still these two providers get these kinds of calls.  Generally speaking it is uncommon to get calls like this, but there are always those few that make emergency type calls and then complain with a bad review.

Membership based telemedicine saves both the insured and un-insured money.  For the uninsured it is a no brainer considering over 70% of the reasons they pay full price at a clinic or ER can now be handled over the phone or web conferencing for a small monthly subscription of about $14.95 per month.  When the financials behind major medical health insurance become an issue with being able to provide health insurance, many families are more than willing and happy to spend so little for so much access to a doctor.  MDLIVE reviews vs Teladoc reviews show that the un-insured are overwhelmingly happy.  Comparing MDLIVE with Teladoc reviews from the insured shows much of the same.  Insured American pay around $300 on up a month for insurance, however, when they get a common or acute illness they do nothing.  They simply wait it out or self diagnose and over medicate with over the counter drugs.  Wellness is a major part of what any American wants.  MDLIVE reviews vs Teladoc reviews once again show a steady amount of positive reviews from the insured because by simply adding a $14.95 telemedicine membership they are able to cover the over 70% of doctor visits that they used to just tough out.  It seems the average American feels it is worth the membership fee for the increase in health.

Lets look at an example:

Insured American healthcare premium (no telemedicine): $300

benefits actually used:  Major life events (surgery, car crash, etc) 

Insured American healthcare premium (with telemedicine): $315

benefits actually used:  Major life events (surgery, car crash, etc) 

Acne, Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitus, Cold & Flu, Constipation, Diarrhea,

Ear Infection, Fever, Headache, Insect Bites, Joint Aches, Nausea,

Rashes, Sinus Infections, Sore throat, UTI, And More!

MDLIVE reviews vs Teladoc reviews Therapy:

MDLIVE and Teladoc both offer therapy visits online.  As you get to choose your doctor it seems that the reviews are generally good regarding the process and the ease of access is enjoyed according to the MDLIVE Reviews vs Teladoc reviews.  For the most part, the complaints came regarding an individual therapist that they chose rather than the overall service.

MDLIVE vs Teladoc Overall:

Overall it would appear that both MDLIVE and Teladoc offer a great telemedicine platform.  WebDocOnline offers Telemedicine services through MDLIVE on a membership basis allowing you unlimited access to telemedicine services.  With WebDocOnline your first month is free.  Visit out telemedicine page and become a member today!


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MDLIVE Reviews vs Teladoc Reviews

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