Emergency Room vs Urgent Care. Why Not Just Call It In?
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Emergency Room vs Urgent Care

Possibly Neither

The debate over going to the Emergency Room vs an Urgent Care clinic is one that strikes the fear in anyone concerned about medical debt.  The answers can vary greatly but the common answer is

If you have a non-urgent condition – fever, flu symptoms, allergic reactions, minor cuts, animal bites, broken bones – urgent care centers are far better for time and cost.
If you have an extreme medical condition – stroke, heart attack, severe burns, electrical shock – the resources and services available at hospital emergency rooms make that a far better choice.

Emergency Room Visit: $1350  (if you haven’t met your deductible yet guess who is paying that! Yes, YOU.)
Urgent Care: $150

But Wait!  There may be another more affordable option than the Emergency Room vs Urgent Care Clinic.

What other options could there be?  For non-emergencies telemedicine will usually work.  Telemedicine is 24/7/265 access to a licensed board certified physician over the telephone or video conferencing.  You can literally be sitting at home or work and call in for a prescription (if necessary).  With telemedicine, you can usually be picking up your prescription in about an hour from the pharmacy of your choice.  If you need stitches or surgery, telemedicine won’t cut it but believe it or not, over 70% of the reasons people debate going to an emergency room or urgent care clinic can now be treated over the phone.

Compare to $0 with telemedicine

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The Solution

WebDocOnline is an example of a company that offers Americans the ability to truly skip the Emergency Room vs Urgent Care Clinic debate.  I f you have a common or acute illness stop the insanity of the long waits in a doctors office with the rest of the sick people.  Skip the expensive co-pays and deductibles.  Above all take care of yourself on your timeline and become a telemedicine believer.  It is simple and affordable.

Emergency Room vs Urgent Care


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