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dental clinic telemedicine

Dental Office Telemedicine Program

WebDocOnline offers Telemedicine to families and small business’s nationwide.  WebDocOnline’s dental office telemedicine Program surpasses the industry by helping dental offices increase loyalty and drive new passive revenue.

Many dental offices have begun offering new products like telemedicine to increase revenue and increase customer loyalty.  Now you can market to the medically uninsured due to the “bank for the buck” that telemedicine can offer families that cant afford major medical insurance.  Our normal price point online is normally $14.94 – $19.95, a low, affordable premium.  We will offer it to you and your patients at a much lower price.

WebDocOnline’s vision, if it makes sense to your dental office, is to offer telemedicine to your patients with or without medical insurance. As a part of WebDocOnlines desire to use our business for those in need, we would obviously reduce our price to almost cost. Imagine being able to offer telemedicine to your patients, after a visit, at only $9.95 per month (add their family as well up to 5 people total for only $3 more), Your dental office would receive $5 passive revenue each month that your customer is paying.

We are willing to work with you the best we can. We will created a landing page for you so you can sign up your patients right there on the spot or else send them a link (tracked to you so you get credit).


We look forward to a conversation and hope this is something that can meet your needs.  See our dental telemedicine page then call us at 1-855-MYWEBDOC ext. 5.

Dental Office Telemedicine Program

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