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Affordable Health Insurance Alternative

With the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) now in full effect, and in many cases causing increased healthcare costs, many Americans are looking for an affordable health insurance alternative.  Not that they don’t want health insurance , and for that matter they should have it, however telemedicine is one of the fastest growing sectors of healthcare today and for good reasons.  One of those being that telemedicine is an affordable health insurance alternative until the uninsured family can afford traditional health insurance as well.

Telemedicine, sometimes referred to as telehealth, is simply 24/7/365 access to a licensed, board certified physician over the phone or via video conferencing. Telemedicine as a health insurance alternative allows the uninsured (as well as the insured) the ability to access healthcare for over 70% of the reasons people see their primary care provider and now over 40% of the reasons people go to the ER!


Over 32 Million Americans are now uninsured

These numbers are staggering and not having healthcare is a major burden on these families.  Leading the percentages according to a 2014 census are Latinos with about a 24% uninsured rate.  What do the uninsured do?  Lets look at some numbers.

Average ER expense:  $570 (1.5 hours)

Average Clinic expense: $156 (1.5 hours)

Average PCP Office visit: $120 (4 hours)

When families can not afford health insurance to begin with, unexpected medical bills can throw families in a financial downfall.  “What bill doesn’t get paid this month?” becomes the dinner table conversation.  What affordable health insurance alternatives do they have?

Option 1:

Do nothing, go to work sick or worse miss work (reducing their pay check), get their family sick and have to pull their kids out of school, does that mean expensive babysitters?  Its a snowball!

Option 2:

Telemedicine!  By simply having a telemedicine membership as a health insurance alternative families nationwide could have unlimited access to a licensed, board certified physician 24/7/365!  As the common or acute illness initially bears its ugly head, families can simply pick up the phone, get diagnosed, and prescribed medication to knock out the illness before it becomes an issue.  Americans can have this unlimited access for about the price of tonights dinner!  Now we see why telemedicine has become the most popular health insurance alternative in today’s market.  “It doesn’t replace health insurance but it is priceless for uninsured Americans considering the bang for the buck it provides them.” says Neal Fluhrer – CEO of WebDocOnline.  

Considering the average family gets sick about 3x per year, telemedicine pays for itself in already expected medical bills to treat those illnesses.

How you can access telemedicine as an affordable healthcare alternative

Telemedicine providers like WebDocOnline offer unlimited access 24/7/365 for you and your family.  Its like having a doctor on call when you need it most.  Memberships are only $14.95 per month for an individual and only $5 more to add a family of up to 5 members.  Compare that to $300 on up for traditional health insurance!  Health insurance is a critical piece to every family, but in the mean time, as a affordable health insurance alternative sign up today for telemedicine with WebDocOnline.


Sign up today for telemedicine, an affordable health insurance alternative, with WebDocOnline


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